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​​​​Providing strategies to help wholesale distributors grow and maximize their profitability. 


StratMax Logo 2.jpgProfitability in wholesale distribution has always been hard. And it is getting harder. With the explosion of data available, customers are more informed than ever.

Pricing is continually under attack as the services wholesale distributors offer are brought to the lowest common denominator through spreadsheet analysis by more savvy customers.

Suppliers continue to be pressured to sell direct, try to control pricing, and change policies that impact profitability. The line between trusted partner and competitor becomes blurred.

At StratMax, we provide proven strategies based upon our 30+ years of experience in the industry to help combat these issues and maximize profitability for wholesale distributors.

  • With Customer Stratification, we help you determine which customers are profitable, how much time to spend with them, and how to make that time valuable to your customer;
  • Our CRM Implementation strategies take your investment in a CRM software deployment and make it work by having your sales people actually use it effectively. We can show you how to change and motivate your sales people so your CRM system will let you know more about your customers than you ever have before.
  • Your sales people need to be professionals at selling the value that your company delivers and differentiating yourself from your competition. Showing up with a box of doughnuts doesn't get you valued relationships. Our Sales Toolbox will show you how to drive that value through your sales force with account planning, sales call preparation, utilization of social selling, and continual sales coaching.

If you are a wholesale distributor that strives to rise above your competition, make your sales force more efficient, and ensure you are doing the right business with the right customers, then StratMax can help. We have the proven strategies to maximize a wholesale distributor's profitability. Let's get started.

Contact us to begin putting any of these strategies to work for your business. You can start small with us, kick the tires, and make sure we are a good fit before making a large investment.  Or you can move forward with the full implementation of any of our services.  We will customize our services to meet your needs.