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‚ÄčAbout Us 

At StratMax we specialize in the development and deployment of strategies that maximize profitability for wholesale distributors. Our strategies are specific to wholesale distributors. And they are based upon our experience "walking the talk" as a salesperson, sales manager, and sales leader in the industry. We have been in your sales team's shoes and know the issues a wholesale sales team faces. The successful strategies we deliver drive profitable growth and we are experts at presenting them to your sales team in a way that they can understand and utilize successfully.

Mansfield, John -- May 2011 (2).jpgStratMax was started in 2014 by John Mansfield, an industry veteran with 32+ years experience, in order to provide wholesale distributors with the leading-edge sales strategies necessary to maximize their profitability.

John's experience includes leading the implementation of the latest Customer Stratification research, development of multiple sales tools, and implementation of SAP CRM to over 1,000 salespeople at a $5+ billion wholesale distributor.

Go to John's profile on LinkedIn to see his complete background and to connect with him.