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CRM Implementation

The implementation of any CRM system for a wholesale distributor is hard work. From the selection and design of a CRM solution, to the integration with your existing systems, there is a lot of ground work required. But the real work begins when you have to roll it out to your sales team because it requires your sales team to make changes. And change is hard.

How do I get my sales team to use our CRM system?

You can try carrots or sticks. But the fact is, to get your CRM system to be consistently and effectively utilized throughout your organization, you have to change your sales team's behavior. Even though logically they may understand why they should use it, they also need to be motivated to use it. And they need to have a clear understanding of the right way of using it. 

How can StratMax help?

At StratMax, we have experience deploying CRM to over 1,000 salespeople. During this deployment, we have researched the best practices in change management and applied them to the deployment. We have developed a multi-step process based upon this research and experience that helps your salespeople to intellectually understand the need for CRM, motivates them to use it, and guides them along the proper path of utilization. We customize this process to meet your unique business needs and processes. And we can provide you ideas on the metrics to use in order to measure the effectiveness of your CRM deployment.

Does it matter which CRM platform I am using?

No. Our pCRM logos.jpgrocess is not related to any single CRM solution. It is about change management, helping you change the behavior of your sales team to drive home the value that CRM can deliver to your business. Regardless of which CRM solution you choose, we can support your implementation project.

How do I learn more?

Just contact us and let's talk about where you are on your CRM journey and how we can help.